14th annual Turkey Trot

Friday, November 16th

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We’re holding our 14th annual Turkey Trot on Friday, November 16th, 2018.  This event is a major source of funding for academic enrichment within our school and the only fundraiser of the year for our PTA.  Turkey Trot sponsorships will help fund assemblies, PBIS program/school culture, health & safety, teacher appreciation week, parent education, 8thgrade promotion, NHHS scholarships, Reflections Art Program, Ensign library, and more.

Two weeks prior to the event students will receive a sponsor form and envelope to collect pledges from friends, neighbors & family. The day of the event Students run the 1-mile  course during their regular PE class.  There is music, we give out popsicles, water, and tons of prizes!  Students can also purchase food and treats at the event. It’s a really fun day!

Sign up here to volunteer for the event!

Download Turkey Trot Sponsor/Prize Donor Letter

The Top Lap Runners (boy and girl) from each class will earn a prize as well as those students raising at least $50 for the school. 

$50=Mile Pass

$150=Trip to Prize Table and Mile Pass

$250=Mile Pass, Trip to Prize Table and Entry to Win a Grand Prize

Sponsorship Opportunites:  Showcase your family name or business!  Your sponsorship will include exposure to families of over 1100+ students within Costa Mesa & Newport Beach.   Deadline is November 2nd to be included on banners and website.  If you have an Ensign student they will also get credit for the donation.  Please include your student’s name, PE Teacher/Period on your checks.

$500 or more – Your logo on the sponsor banners and PTA Turkey Trot website and name recognition on all event promotions

$250-$499 – Your name on the sponsor banners and name recognition on all event promotions.

$150-$249  – Name recognition on all event promotions.


SPONSORSHIP QUESTIONS:  Tisha Hoch   tvench@aol.com



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Corporate/ Family Sponsors

The Malouf Family

Peak Solutions/ John Toohey

The Balboa Bay Resort

Harner Orthodontics

Sterling BMW

Rancho Meladuco, LLC./ The Smith Family

NexGen Digital/ The Pinkert Family

Starnes Orthodontics

Arbor Real Estate

Cottage Plates

The Meehan Family

The Schmieder Family

Sensitive Sweets

Newport Oral Surgery/Michaelis Family

Kastell Real Estate Group/ The DeVries Family

My Skin Medical Spa

The Tutoring Club, 17th St

The Montgomery Family

The Shubin Family

The Gurka Family

The Stake Family

The West Family

The Davey Family

The Pelletier Family

Makaport Consulting LLC/The Kerfoot Family

Study Hut Tutoring

The Rigdon Family

The REMM Group/ The D’Elia Family

The Bonas Family


OC Paddle/ The Hillson Family

The Baron Family

Crown Ace Hardware

Kind Tribe Co.

Heather Pullis Designs

Surfside Sports

Rainbow Sandals, Inc.

15th Street Surf & Supply

The Altshuler Family

Pureglass Inc./ The Chalupnik Family

John Wayne Cancer Foundation

The Hoch Family

Sgt Pepperoni Pizza





The Holden Family/Yucca Fins

Tk’s Frog House


Etoile on 17th


TK Burger

Hula Shaved Ice Co.

Citizen Water Co.